Send data from Excel to XML web services using SOAP protocol

Last few days I was really working on a few interesting projects via Upwork. The latest was related to sending data from within Excel file to web services.

First I have to do some Excel/VBA work, because data in the file were including some non utf-8 characters which needed to be cleaned. While doing that, I have added a one-click solution to export data from Excel to TAB delimited text file, which I use in the next step as import file for MySQL database. Upload and import of file was coded in PHP.

Once data in db, I do some additional checking for non-duplicated rows, since I was dealing with quite a large data set, which will further grow in the future. Once ready, I send convert the data to XML structure and send over to provided web services via SOAP protocol.

I have coded an AJAX loop with progress information to send 100 records per batch with 1 second delay after every batch, so that user knows exactly percentage done and how long it will take to complete it. After sending is completed, I parse the JSON response from web services and write back to the database which records were successfully sent and which not with the reason for failure.

In case anybody will have the need to code something similar, you know where to find me:)