PHP scrape website to MySQL daily, send Excel file via email

A guy from Australia had and interesting project and I applied through Upwork. He is working in construction industry and for whatever reason he was interested in fresh daily job posts inside this industry in one of Australia’s regions. Additionally he wanted me to filter all fresh jobs and exclude those including specific company or list of keywords. I have also searched the advert to find any emails or url’s inside it and save it in database in a separate field.

I scrape and parse all fresh jobs from provided website with PHP parser I have coded for this purpose. Parser runs as cron job on a hourly basis. Next I have carefully designed a database and stored procedures within, which do most of the job server side. So every hour jobs keep filling the databse and during the process, all required information is parsed from provided content.

By the end of the day or better say first thing in the morning when starting a new day, I have set another cron job on my live server, which sends Excel file with only fresh and interesting jobs to the client’s inbox.

We have set the job as a service, so I keep providing the client the service on monthly basis for an agreed payment. Both satisfied:)